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Hotel Mediteran Ulcinj: A part of Ulcinj’s history

Hotel Mediteran Ulcinj represents the living proof of the tourism and hospitality development in Ulcinj region.

In 1964 hotel Mediteran started working with the mission to welcome guests from Europe and Balkan, which traveled to Ex-Yugoslavia, a new world tourism destinatiron. 

The Hotel Mediteran was purchased through affiliated entity BMG d.o.o. in July 2005, with plans to redevelop the property into a first-class coastal destination resort.

Prior to Becovic Holdings's acquisition, the property had been a resort and hospitality asset of Montenegro-based hotel-tourist company, Ulcinjska Rivijera.

The Montenegro coastal region, centered in Ulcinj, is expected to be the world's #1 travel growth market for the next decade, according to the World Travel Tourism Council.

Since acquisition, BHC has completed renovation of 134 guestrooms, a pool overlooking Ulcinj's Old Town, profesional conference room and refurbishment of banquet and kitchen facilities.